Magen HaBrit is committed to protecting both our sacred ceremony of Brit Milah and the children who undergo it. 

The latest information on attempted circumcision bans around the world.

Whether it's in Israel or abroad, find out what legal changes are happening and how you can get involved.

Magen HaBrit is here to advocate for you an your baby. 


Magen HaBrit is an organization committed to both protecting our sacred ritual of Brit Milah as well as the children who undergo it. From helping you pick a mohel, to making sure that that mohel will use a pipet upon request, Magen Habrit is here to help. Get the latest information about the attempted circumcision bans worldwide, and help join the movement stop these bans in your very own backyard. Magen HaBrit is your number one source for all the information you need to know, before during and after your son's Brit Milah.

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