Magen HaBrit is an organization committed to both protecting our sacred ritual of Brit Milah as well as the children who undergo it. From helping you pick a mohel, to making sure that that mohel does not do Metzitzah b'Peh (direct oral suction), Magen Habrit is here to help. Get the latest information about the attempted circumcision bans worldwide, and help join the movement stop these bans in your very own backyard. Magen HaBrit is your number one source for all the information you need to know, before during and after your son's Brit Milah.

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There are initiatives both in Israel and around the world that directly impact Brit Milah. This legislation needs both our attention and involvement. Safer HaBrit is your source for the latest information on proposed legislation and can help you get involved. Don't hesitate to ask how you can help!

Rachel Azaria's Knesset Proposal


Have you ever wondered why there is no regulation when it comes to Mohalim?  That this, in a sense, says that anyone can make themselves a mohel and go perform a procedure on an eight day old child. Then how do we know that our children are protected? Truthfully, there isn’t a way for us to know.  Therefore, together with MK Avraham Negosa, we’ve introduced a law that says at minimum every mohel has to have insurance. That this, in our opinion, is a sufficient level of regulation for this matter. Despite the fact that this sounds obvious, this is a difficult bill to get passed.  Therefore we need you with us, in order that together we’ll be able to protect our children. Um, one second, Mazal Tov, right?

This law was written in conjunction with the organizations Itim and Naami Torah V’Avodah.

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Organizations on social media are being provided forums for this hate speech. “Intact America” is one of these organizations. Please help Facebook understand that, regardless of political stance, this is hate speech and should warrant appropriate action like any other form of hate speech on Facebook.

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